Jackson Rathbone Really Hopes No One Spoils The Breaking Dawn Ending For You


At this hour, only one member of the VH1 Celebrity team, Kate Spencer of course, has seen The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, and she has dutifully avoided spoiling that big old surprise twist at the end for the rest of us. Except when I was watching her interviews, she couldn’t help alluding to a few spoilery things while talking to some of the Cullens. I tried to hold my ears and sing over that part, but it made transcribing a little difficult. And during Monday night’s big premiere live stream, it seemed to me like the Yahoo! reporters were hinting a little too hard at what goes down. If I’m nervous about the big surprise getting leaked, I can’t imaging what it’s been like for the cast, who’ve managed to hold their tongues about it for almost two years now.

“It just terrifies me that one report might ruin it for someone out there!” Jackson Rathbone told us. But here’s what he could say to tease the mood of this ending, which is something of a departure from the book: “What [director Bill Condon] really brought to this final film is a romantic aspect of just looking back. It really speaks [to me] as an actor … it really kind of brought a lot of fond memories.”

Awww. Papa Cullen himself hopes Stephenie Meyer loyalists enjoy this adaptation as much as the cast did. “Our movies are an interpretation of that book, so I think you’re allowed to take some leeway and change things for dramatic purposes,” Peter Facinelli said. “And I feel like what we did enhances it visually, because it’s a visual medium. I’m always excited when they get to see surprises.”

Counting down the hours now, people!

Jackson Rathbone hopes no one spoils Breaking Dawn Part 2's surprise ending for the fans.

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