Why Does Keira Knightley Keep Getting Sent Back In Time?


You may have missed this amid all the Breaking Dawn noise, but there is another beautiful book adaptation hitting theaters this weekend that we’re very excited about — maybe you can make it a double feature? Anna Karenina marks the third collaboration between Keira Knightley and director Joe Wright, after their acclaimed work together in Atonement and Pride and Prejudice. It’s also about the thousandth time a director has chosen to cast Keira in a movie set in another time/far-off place, usually in the past, with the exception of Star Wars: Episode I. Early in her career, she appeared in TV adaptations of Oliver Twist and Doctor Zhivago. More recently, she’s worn all sorts of corsets and headpieces for the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, A Dangerous Method and The Duchess. After looking through this collection of work, we turned to Wright to explain what it is about Keira that makes people love to send her into the time machine.

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“She has a kind of otherworldly beauty,” he told VH1. “It doesn’t feel like such a face could really exist walking down the street. And the way I see period movies is more like fantasies. Setting it in a time other than our own allows me to create all kinds of images and scenarios that might not be so believable if they were tethered to the contemporary world we have outside of our windows.

There you have it. Even when she’s not taking her top off for the camera, Keira’s our fantasy girl.

Anna Karenina star Keira Knightley keeps getting sent back in time for her movies

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