Review: Breaking Dawn: Part 2 Is A Love Letter To The Fans


[Warning: Everything in this video and post is SPOILER-Y!]

As VH1’s resident Senior Twilight Reporter/Critic, I filmed a review of the Breaking Dawn: Part 2 just an hour after seeing it back in October. That video, in which I appear giddy, flustered and without makeup, is above for your viewing enjoyment. It is seven minutes – about six minutes and thirty seconds too long, so apologies in advance for the word vomit. But I has feels!

A few final thoughts I took away from watching Breaking Dawn: Part 2:

  • This film felt like a love letter to the fans, above all else. The little jokes, the car scene with Bella and Jacob, sparkling Bella, the final moments of the film (credits included)…it felt like Bill Condon was saying “here fans, this is for you.” So thank you, Bill!
  •  CGI stands for Creepy, Ghoulish and Inhuman, and unfortunately baby Renesmee is all those things. Luckily, actual (half) human Renesmee is great (thanks Mackenzie Foy).
  • Kristen Stewart is a ferocious, fierce and believable mom.
  • The acting is the best in this film than all the others. Not sure how this happened seeing as they filmed BD1 and BD2 at the same time, but everyone’s work is at its best in this film.
  • Taylor Lautner made me laugh a lot in this film – not at him, but with him.Maybe there’s a future in the funny for this guy.
  • I was sad the vampire sex was not all that vampire-ish. More broken headboards, less tender touching. Oh well. I’ll take what I can get.
  • The Twist. Oh, THE TWIST. It twisted me. I screamed. I loved it. I screamed some more. Enjoy it, revel in it. It’s the most fun moment in the entire franchise.

Watch my thoughts above and share your own with me here or on Twitter. And send your reactions photos to us via @bd2reaction! Will be posting them here on VH1 Celebrity next week.

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