The Moment Lindsay Lohan Learned She Had A New Half-Sibling: “I Didn’t Even Hear That!”


Watch the video above and you’ll see something fairly extraordinary: A person learning they have a long lost sibling, and then treating it like it’s NBD and getting right back on the promotional pitch! Yesterday it was revealed that Lindsay Lohan’s dad Michael fathered a lovechild back in the 90s, but we guess no one got around to telling her. She apparently first heard the news this morning during a television interview.

The controversial actress (polite euphemism for train-wreck) made an appearance on Good Morning America with Amy Robach today to discuss the airing of her upcoming TV-movie, Liz and Dick. But as so often happens, conversation turned towards her troubled history and family life, including the news of her newly discovered half-sister. Her reaction? “I didn’t even hear that, so thanks for the news!” Annnnnd then it was right back in the discussion of Elizabeth Taylor. Amazing! Either she’s really single minded, or maybe that was just her way of deflecting salacious family gossip and getting back to the task at hand: Resurrecting her career.

The Lifetime produced flick is certainly the most talked about made-for-TV-movie in recently memory, and people are eagerly waiting to see if it will be Lohan’s return to form. She admits channeling her own experiences while playing the role of screen legend, Elizabeth Taylor, who was also ruthlessly scrutinized by the media. “I think that everyone goes through things in life, and I like to learn from my mistakes, obviously,” she says. “But I wouldn’t be who I am today if I hadn’t gone through certain things, everything happens for a reason, good or bad. So you can just take what you’ve learned from it and move forward.” We’ll tune in on the 25th to see if Lilo moves forward, or just gets into another fender bender.

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