A Few Theories About Why Russell Brand Has Turned Into Some Kind Of Snuggly Pajama Angel


Russell Brand Steps Out In Insane ShawlRussell Brand has been out and about in Los Angles over the last couple months sporting an array of comfy sweaters and soft, droopy-crotched pants. We’d just assumed he was always, constantly walking to yoga class, but as of this weekend those times have ended. The age of Russell the Snuggle Angel has begun. Brand’s all-white shawl-centric wardrobe is a sharp departure from the greasy studded vests and leather crotch rot we normally associate with his wardrobe, so we had to wonder…what could have brought Russell to this new cozy, pristine look? Here’s what we came up with:

1) Our own Sabrina suggests the possibility that, after allegedly running over a homeless man’s shopping cart, Russell and said homeless man switched bodies in a hybrid Freaky Friday/ Trading Places situation. So if you spot a very confused homeless gentleman in skin-tight black jeans and the tiniest bit of kohl eyeliner, please bring him to the nearest yoga studio. Then alert a witch? We don’t know how magic things work…
2) Okay, so Russell is denying knocking over anyone’s shopping cart, so maybe he sank his fortune into a failing pashmina company and is trying to bring them back? His drape does look super luxurious.
3) Brand’s shoes finally dissolved from use/foot stink, and he didn’t have time to run to the store. Also, he had all those old decommisioned Fozzie Bear puppets lying around, so…
5) Russell’s rich and he just don’t care!

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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