Guy Fieri Weekend Update Bit Just One Of The 5 Reasons Bobby Moynihan Is The Best Part Of SNL


We have no idea how Bobby Moynihan‘s Guy Fieri impression got cut from SNL‘s Weekend Update Saturday, but we are thankful NBC posted the dress rehearsal footage after the fact. The world needed someone to address the now-legendary New York Times review of Fieri’s new restaurant. It just doesn’t seem fair. Like Guy-Bobby explained, “It’s like comparing apples to fat dirt.” Haha, yes. Delightful. While we love and cherish everyone on SNL (especially Kate McKinnon‘s sick Ellen Degeneres impression last weekend), it’s bits like these that suggest Bobby Moynihan is currently SNL‘s resident MVP. The man has given us so many gems, likeā€¦

2) Drunk Uncle

“Is this ballot 4G?” Moynihan’s Drunk Uncle channels the hilarious impotent rage of a generation who just has no interest in Spotifying anyone, thankyouverymuch.

3) Fox & Friends‘ Brian Gilmeade

Bobby tears it up as Fox & FriendsBrian Gilmeade. Who wouldn’t want to dip their cookies in shampoo after watching him in action? Also, the actual Brian Kilmeade recently joked that Fox hires women out of the Victoria’s Secret catalog, so look forward to seeing more of Bobby this weekend! The jokes write themselves!

4) Snooki

How much mileage has the show gotten out of Moynihan’s impression of Snooki? Bobby captures her brilliant orange essence perfectly.

5) Ass Dan

It shouldn’t even be funny making fun of Juggalos (it’s like shooting fish in a barrel of clown make-up!), but here we are. R.I.P. Ass Dan. Long live Butt Dave!

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