Like The Changing Of The Seasons, So Too Must Lindsay Lohan’s Probation Be Revoked. Allegedly.


Lindsay Lohan's probation allegedly revoked

Like the changing of the seasons, the slow creep of the tides, the tick of nature’s eternal clock, so to must Lindsay Lohan‘s probation be revoked as part of the universe’s unending dance through time. In case you were still pondering the question “Will Lindsay Lohan’s fender bender land her back in jail?,” the answer is allegedly a resounding yes. TMZ had originally claimed the Santa Monica City Attorney would file charges against Lilo for falsely claiming her assistant Gavin had been driving when her Porsche slammed into a truck this summer. Now the site reports that, uh, well, that is actually happening right now.  Allegedly. TMZ claims that L.A. County Superior Court Judge Jane Godfrey will allegedly revoke Lohan’s probation and set a full hearing for a later date. This is all too depressing. We can’t even enjoy fantasizing about the couture pantsuit we know Lindsay will bust out for the occasion.

In case you lost tract of why Lindsay Lohan was even on probation to behind with and why this is still going on, the answers to those two questions are “That time Lindsay stole that jewelry for no perceivable reason” and “God only knows, our friend. God only knows.” As far as we can tell…it’s just the way of the world.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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