Helen Mirren Is As Baffled By Jessica Biel’s Hitchcock Premiere Boob Flaps As We Are


Helen Mirren And Jessica Biel Attend Hitchcock Premiere

The funny part is, Jessica Biel probably paid more than our rent for those boob flaps. We’re not exactly Anna Wintour up in herr, which is why we are completely simpatico with Helen Mirren‘s apparent confusion with her coworker’s frock at the Hitchock premiere? Are this avante garde armpit wings? Are they side boob wind shields? Nipple blinders? Unlike Helen Mirren, we could never just run up and grab Jessica Biel’s chesticles like that, but hey. That’s why some people would give their left nipple blinder to meet Helen Mirren. She just has a certain way about her. She could probably give Alfred Hitchcock himself a purple nurple and the famed director would just chuckle bemusedly. We guess it’s far too late to include a moment like that in the film, right?

Helen Mirren And Jessica Biel Attend Hitchcock Premiere

Flaps aside, both gorgeous leading ladies looked stunning on the new biopic’s premiere red carpet last night. At least Jessica’s Gucci dress also had a elegant low-cut back to distract the eye. We hate to see her go, but we love to watch her leave! Because once Jessica leaves, we won’t be filled with the overwhelming urge to grab those flaps. Seriously, what are they? Haute Couture by Always With Wings?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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