We Reject Any And All Reports That Taylor Swift Acted Like A “Puppy Dog” Around Harry Styles


No. Not never. We reject claims that Taylor Swift was recently spotted following One Direction‘s Harry Styles like a “puppy dog” at his X Factor rehearsal last week. The woman is a millionaire who plays sold-out shows every night of her life. She’s the world’s most famous pseduo-cougar (22 and 18 ain’t nothing but two numbers), and as such, the last thing Taylor Swift would do is trail around some brand new boyfriend like a pet. (Unless of course she was scrutinizing him for specific details with which to write another smash album, which we all know a puppy dog would not be able to do. Their little paws just aren’t built to hold a guitar pick or pen. We’ve tried. We’ve all tried.)

Sorry if we’re just a little testy about descriptions of TSwift’s new relationship. Obviously we’re just defensive of our girl. “They lit up when they saw each other,” a source told Us Weekly today, before claiming Taylor “was a puppy dog” on-set. People, come on! If Taylor hosted a plane full of reporters like Rihanna did, each of them would get a hand-selected gift basket and a short song composed about their most flattering physical or emotional feature…every night. So how about treating Tay with the boss lady respect she deserves and not comparing her to a tiny dog? Thank god turkey and cranberry sauce counteracts celebrity gossip-induced ulcers, or so help us…

[Photo: Getty Images]

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