The Two Lindsay Lohans: Fidgety Tonight Show Interview Vs. Elegant Liz & Dick Premiere


Lindsay Lohan taped the Tonight Show before heading to the premiere of Liz & Dick

It’s been a hectic couple of days (years) for Lindsay Lohan, so we totally understand why she looked a little nervous and fidgety as she sat down with Jay Leno yesterday for The Tonight Show. She seemed to be channeling all her worry — over her probation being revoked, how people would receive her big role in Lifetime’s Liz & Dick this weekend, the latest family drama — into fussing over her dress, which is the one thing that shouldn’t have bothered her, since sheer paneling was preventing those interesting arm straps from giving way. Her hair color was actually what bothered us most about her look on the show — she needs to protect that kind of red from the sun or something. But actually, what impressed us most about this appearance was how skillfully Leno took the interview to an awkward place and then backed down.

“You canceled Barbara Walters, and Barbara looked a little bit upset, so what happened there?” Jay asked, addressing the elephant in the room, that 20/20, not Tonight, was supposed to be Lindsay’s big sit-down of the week. “It’s just the timing wasn’t right, right now,” Lindsay explained vaguely, while messing with her hair and straps.

“Every time I open the paper, there’s another story about you,” he said, to which she parried, “I feel like that’s the question every time I come here!”

The host then brought up her newly discovered half-sister, asking, “How odd is that?”

“I guess I could give her one word of advice: Good luck with my dad,” she said with a humorless chuckle. And thus ended the tough part of the interview, as Jay moved on to presenting the actress with a bunch of fake tabloids, none of which addressed her actual problems, like the fact that she may be heading back to jail soon. Yeah, we can totally see why this sort of lighthearted exchange was more inviting than a Baba Wawa grilling.

Lindsay was much braver — and more put together — on the red carpet of the Liz & Dick premiere later Tuesday night. Her hair was shinier and gorgeous (and possibly redder? How?); her makeup impeccable; and the revealing diamond cutouts from her slinky champaign-colored gown added a bit of edge to the Hollywood glamour the look evoked. Keep it together like that, Linds, and people may forget to ask you about your probation more often.

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