This Thanksgiving, I’m Thankful For An Unapologetic Rihanna: 20 Shots Of Ri Not Giving A F***!


I often find it difficult to choose my favorite slice of pop culture at any given moment. Whether it be a movie, song, Broadway show, album, television show, book … I just can’t decide, I can’t help it — I love 100 different things at once.

So when it came down to picking ONE thing that I am grateful for this Thanksgiving, you can imagine how difficult it was for me. At first I was able to narrow it down to a category … ladies. At all times I have about a running list of about 10 women that I look up to/admire/wish that I was/crush on/am entertained by/wish I was friends with/you get the point. The queens on my current list include Claire Danes (a devoted My So Called Life fan, my love for Claire Danes was reignited by Homeland), Lea Michele (she’ll be in my heart always and forever — I can listen to her sing A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G), Christina Aguilera (because of this, this and this), Demi Lovato (I’m living for her eyebrow evolution on the X Factor) and well of course, Rihanna!

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It’s hard not to think of Rihanna at the moment and not think about the whole 777 tour debacle, which I honestly find endlessly entertaining and amusing, but what I find most hysterical is a recent Rihanna tweet after the tour wrapped up: “All alone in my big ole jet!!! See u soon lover” with an Instagram photo attached of Ri in her empty private jet. Despite the fact that Rihanna apologized for not spending more time with the press corp on the tour, this particular tweet seems like a mild dig to everyone who suffered through the tour. However, in case you forgot, Rihanna told MTV earlier this year that she “ran out of f***s to give” and although that comment was in regard to something else entirely, it pretty much encapsulates Rihanna’s overall attitude this year. Ri doesn’t care about what anyone thinks and as someone who unfortunately cares very much what other people think, I can’t help but admire her ‘tude.

Look, girlfriend works hard. A seven-day seven-city tour around the globe is just insane. She also manages to release an album every year, perform at countless awards shows and look stunning … all of the time! Who looks that amazing ever? Nevermind 365 days a year. And while I don’t love everything she does, I can’t help but respect the woman. So to celebrate and give thanks to Rihanna above are 20 Instagram shots of her not giving a f***!

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