Gabriel Aubry Alleges Olivier Martinez Death Threat And Things Just Get Worse From There


Gabriel Aubry Alleges Olivier Martinez Death Threat

See, we want to make more jokes about families fighting on Thanksgiving (because humor is how we deal with sadness), but considering how bad this news story is getting, that might be a tad gauche. Accurate…but a tad gauche. After news broke that Halle Berry had obtained an emergency protective order against Gabriel Aubry following a Thanksgiving brawl at her home, the Cloud Atlas actress’s ex is now claiming that her current fiance Olivier Martinez attacked him first, in addition to threatening to kill him. According to TMZ, Aubry alleges in a legal declaration the French actor was enraged over the $3 million he and Berry allegedly lost in her custody battle over daughter Nahla, leading Martinez to attack Aubry in the driveway. Witnesses told police that it was actually Aubry who started the fight, though with all the screaming and flailing any normal person would be doing at such a time, it’s possible that certain details were unclear.

Leading credence to model Aubry’s claims, however, are the bruises he has been sporting since the incident. Obviously we weren’t at Halle Berry’s house during the brawl (thank goodness, because we doubt that situation needed more panicked screaming), but the idea that Olivier Martinez would demand Aubry move to Paris or “Olivier would kill him” seems a touch far-fetched. Or maybe that’s just us hoping this story isn’t as horrible as it seems. It was a holiday, for pete’s sake! We are not looking forward to Christmas, is all we’re saying.

[Photo: Splash News]

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