Liz & Dick May Have Been Pretty Bad, But Let’s Remember Lindsay Lohan’s 10 Best On-Screen Roles


Everyone has something negative to say about Lindsay Lohan these days and the same goes for her new Lifetime biographical piece based on the love of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Liz & Dick. Last night was the debut of the highly anticipated film, and today it’s the butt of jokes all over social media. Of course so much was riding on the her performance in this film; not only did she have the tricky task of doing the screen legend’s diamond-encrusted life justice, but the flick was generally seen as a make-or-break attempt at a career comeback. Unfortunately, the film didn’t capture the hearts of viewers the way Liz has so many times throughout her career in films such as the sexually frustrated Cat in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof or the dynamically powerful Cleopatra.

But regardless of whether Lindsay’s acting in the film was horrible or not, we have to remember she has made some films in her career that are staples in pop culture history. Who could forget Mean Girls, where we see every high school girl of this generation’s life being simulated through a quirky story of lies. Don’t get us started on the young starry eyed, red-haired girl we all fell in love with when she fooled us all into believing she had an identical twin in The Parent Trap. Then there’s the under the radar film Bobby, based on the shooting of Robert F. Kennedy where she shined bright as Hollywood Film Festival’s Best Breakthrough Actress of 2006 playing the role of Diane Howser.

We’re not sure whether or not Lindsay Lohan’s career can rise from the ashes, but instead of joining the roasting session this time around, we’ll take a second to bask in some of her best on screen moments.

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