Chris Brown Twitter Meltdown: Comedian Jenny Johnson Is Now Getting Death Threats


Comedian involved with Chris Brown twitter feud getting death threats

Flame wars happen all the time on the internet, but things are getting scarily real in the Twitter feud between one-man controversy machine Chris Brown and writer Jenny Johnson. The social media beef on the Sunday resulted in Brown deleting his account after dishing out a barrage of misogynistic, offensive and frankly pretty gross insults directed toward the comedian. But now some members of Team Breezy are apparently not happy, and they’re making their displeasure known by making death threats against Johnson.

But the Texas-based writer is taking it all in stride. “We are doing a bit of investigating… to see who are writing them and if they should be taken seriously, or just something we need to ignore,” she told Celebuzz. “We are trying to discover if it’s just a bunch of kids goofing off or something else. I’m just letting it go right now.” She admitted to being surprised that the beef with the celeb went as far as it did. “I was surprised to wake up and read about it and find my name on The View and CNN.”

This incident is not the first time Johnson has made her anti-Brown sentiments known. She has written 97 tweets to or about the R&B star since July of 2011, and at one point the singer apparently blocked her! “I was proud that after six months of harassing the guy, all my hard work paid off,” she joked. Johnson elaborated on her reasons in an interview with Paper Magazine yesterday. “Hello, he beat up a girl. And he was so unapologetic about it and then continued to do things that were inappropriate, like throwing chairs or saying homophobic things to nightclub bouncers.”

Regardless of your feelings on Brown, there are some who feel that both sides are guilty of cyber bullying in the Chris Brown Twitter feud. The women of The View weighed in on the fight during yesterday’s program, and the gave a nuanced look at the situation. “I just think both was assault,” said Whoopi Goldberg. “Both were verbally assaulting each other, and that is what we need to get rid of on Twitter because it happens too often and too much to too many people.” Elisabeth Hasselbeck took an even more hardline approach, classifying Brown’s antagonistic tweets as “verbal rape.”

It will be interesting to see how the verbal outburst will affect his prohibition (if at all) considering it does seem to show his quick temper. Then again, considering the previously  mentioned 97 tweets, it could be argued that he’s been provoked over the course of the past year. So far Rihanna has kept quiet on the whole situation, and currently is sick in bed. “I hate being sick!!” she tweeted Sunday, around the same time as her ex’s epic feud. “I don’t wanna do s— or talk to anybody right now!!! Can’t even swallow, and that’s no bueno!!”

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