Mags, Tridents, Sam Claflin In A Wetsuit: There’s A Lot Of Important Info In The New Catching Fire Pics


What’s that one scene in Catching Fire where Katniss looks like a total bad ass? Just kidding, that’s every single scene. Photos from the Hawaii set of the Hunger Games sequel are hitting the interwebs, so it only seems helpful to break down what America is looking at. Based on the fact our tributes are perched on top of individual platforms in the photos, it looks like we’re at the Quarter Quell. The Quarter Quell occurs at the very beginning of the 75th Hunger Games, the moment before the real good stuff starts. And the good stuff starts very quickly. Did you notice that somebody is wielding a trident?

Ah, that trident hits such a sweet spot for us. (As movie fans, we mean, not in the rib cage or anything.) Like we predicted, Lynn Cohen is looking pretty spot-on as Mags. Since they’re starting out on salt water, it’s a good thing she can make those fish hooks! (Unfortunately fish hooks don’t do much against poisonous fog, but hey, she doesn’t know that yet.) As for Sam Claflin‘s Finnick Odair…his jaw is looking nicely chiseled, thank you for noticing.

We lol’ed out loud before we remembered Peeta couldn’t swim. Then we just lol’ed some more.

Jennifer Lawrence films The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in Hawaii

Okay, so we might have freaked out about the significance of the staff hovering over Jennifer Lawrence‘s head…until we realized that it was just a boom mic. It is just a boom mic, right? On a related note, it’s a lame joke if we said we were Quarter kvelling over these photos, right? TOO BAD. WE ALREADY MADE YOU READ IT. YOU CAN’T UNKNOW OUR JOKE. After peeping these images we cannot wait to see Wiress, in addition to…well, literally everything else in this movie.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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