New Girl Fashion Cap “Eggs”: It’s The Grapes Of Wrath In There


Haha, thank goodness for all the cute outfits on New Girl tonight. It was a great distraction from this week’s existential rumination on the end of fertility, and the panic it inspired! Our single favorite moment had to be Jess psyching herself up to find out how many eggs she had left. It was both perfectly acted, and made our ovaries ache with jealousy that we don’t own the sick red printed dress she was wearing. A lot of this week’s episode made our ovaries ache, now that we think about it…

Jess: “Tonight I used a bread roll to wipe butter off my face, then ate the bread roll. So I essentially used my face as a butter knife. I don’t think I’m ready to bring new life into the world, but what if the only ones left are the weird eggs? Or the evil eggs?”
CeCe: “You have no evil eggs.”
Jess: “I can feel them turning. They’ve watched their brothers and sisters die and now they want to be birthed.”

Does Jess just have an unlimited wardrobe of adorable patterned sweaters? Let’s hope so, because this little white polka dot number was probably ruined the one-two punch of fertility talk and the sounds of Schmidt’s elaborate love-making.

CeCe: “Babies wreck you, Jess. They literally eat your body.”

Meanwhile we literally just realized CeCe almost always dresses like a casual Kardashian. A perfect look for telling your boyfriend you may or may not be able to conceive!

Nick: “Man, I gotta run with the bulls. I’ve got to kill a man with my bare hands after making sweet love to him, and then sleep in the warm belly of his horse. I’ve got to eat my way out of a sandwich house.”
Winston: “How much do you know about Hemingway?”
Nick: “Not a lot, but I’m gonna learn! I’m becoming Ernest Hemingway, you idiots.”

Nick is adorable, but we were kind of hoping he would go full throttle on the Hemingway steez: maybe start rocking a giant sweater or a safari jacket or a giant straw hat and mustache. Or any combination thereof! The flask is a start, though.

Jess: “I don’t need test results to tell me that it is The Grapes of Wrath in there. It’s 1930s Dust Bowl in there, Schmidt, and they are all walking with limps.”

Really, again, just killing it with this red patterned frock. Adorable clothes and surprisingly heady topics suit Zooey D particularly well.

[Photo: Fox]

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