Angus T. Jones “Likely” Leaving Two And A Half Men, And 5 Other Signs It’s Time To Shut It Down


Angus t. Jones Likely Leaving Two And A Half Men

Surprisingly absolutely no one, word came today that Angus T. Jones will “likely” be leaving Two And A Half Men after this season. It turns out, most people’s bosses don’t like when you publicly refer to your workplace as “filth” and encourage people to avoid it. It’s a lesson each employee must learn. Of course, Jones’ alleged departure is really only one sign that Two And A Half Men has run its course. In case you needed more persuading, consider the fact that…

  1. This is the second main character to leave: Um, remember how Charlie Sheen used to be on this show? Then his character was killed off in a gruesome train accident? Genius, but once two of the three main characters have left, it’s time to close up shop.
  2. They already featured Miley Cyrus: We don’t mean to suggest that Miley Cyrus is to Two And A Half Men what Fonzi jumping a shark was to Happy Days. We mean getting Miley Cyrus on TV might have been TAAHM‘s higher purpose. That purpose…has been fulfilled.
  3. The show’s ratings are shaky anyway: Viewership spiked back up this fall when Miley stopped by, but earlier this year the show’s ratings hit a series low. We doubt they can get Miley back on every week…wait a minute. Wait one minute. Unless they replace Angus T. Jones with Miley? Ugh, we hate when we argue for a show to end and wind up saving it. We’re too smart for our own good!
  4. They are all already millionaires: Every single person associated with this show has more money than God herself. How much more do they need?
  5. That theme song needs to die: We cannot write about Two And A Half Men without having the word “Meeeeeeeen!” play on repeat in our head. Just that one word from the theme song. Release us from this sonic prison, Chuck Lorre! We beg of you!

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