Jersey Shore, Honey Boo Boo: Let’s Break Down All The Reality Shows Represented By Buckwild


Ugh, we’re so easy when it comes to reality show. We like peanut butter, we like chocolate. Oh, you put them together? No wonder it’s delicious. That’s basically how we feel after watching the new trailer for MTV’s Buckwild. The show, which apparently follows the “colorful antics of a group of friends just out of high school in rural West Virginia,” premieres January 3. We can’t even pretend we aren’t going to watch this; we aren’t going to put on airs with you guys. Of course, it’s no surprise we like it. It’s got elements from every other reality show we love:

  • The delightful colloquialisms and truck-based amusements of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.
  • The screaming matches and drunken hook-ups of Jersey Shore. Also, it sounds as if at least some people are using the same bed. The Smoosh. Room. Lives!
  • The gasp-inducing stunts of Wipeout! (That truck swimming pool? We’re glad no one was immediately paralyzed upon jumping into that thing.)
  • The romantic tension and/or simmering rage of Battle of the Exes.
  • The constantly exasperated parental presence of Teen Mom.
  • The screaming phone calls to various moms of the same.
  • The drink hurling and brawl starting of any number of Real Housewives shows. (We’d settle for a Real Housewives of Miami, but the sky’s the limit!)
  • The woodbine bouquets of…aw naw, that’s first for sure.
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