Matthew McConaughey Says He’s Not Starving Himself For Dallas Buyers Club But…Isn’t He?


Matthew McConaughey Says He's Not Starved For Dallas Buyers Club

Clearly, we are not doctors. If we were, our patients would be so angry they had to wait for hours in those little dressing gowns while we wrote blog posts. But even we lay people had to take pause at Matthew McConaughey‘s comments about dropping 40 lbs to play the HIV-positive protagonist of the upcoming Dallas Buyers Club. “I’m eating fresh fish. I’m just eating small amounts. I’m not being starved,” McConaughey told The Daily Beast. “If anything, it’s as much a spiritual journey as it is physical.” Riiiight. While we’re sure McConaughey has the finest nutritionists millions of dollars can buy at his disposal, is it really possible for an already slender 183 lbs person to lose 40 lbs without actively starving themselves? Isn’t starving himself…kind of exactly what McConaughey’s role requires?

Obviously, losing a significant amount of weight for a role is the hallmark of the serious actor: Christian Bale in The Mechanic, Natalie Portman in Black Swan, Anne Hathaway for the upcoming Les Miz. The list goes on. More over, we think it’s up to the actor or actress to do what they’re comfortable with. On the other hand, dropping 40 lbs off a Magic Mike-ready body does not sound like it’s in your internal organs’ best interest. “Everything has shrunk quite a bit. … I don’t have the leverage I used to. I have body soreness,” McConaughey admitted, adding, “[But] I’m as healthy as can be. My blood pressure, everything’s fine.” We believe you, Mattie M. It’s just…lord, those cheekbones. That just does not seem right.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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