Remember Destinos? A Little Throwback Thursday (Jueves) Randomness


I literally have no reason to write about this right now, other than the fact that all of VH1 Celebrity was sitting down for lunch today, saying goodbye to our intern Erin Henry (a.k.a. the best Amanda Bynes impersonator ever), and somehow we got to talking about college Spanish courses. And then some of us got nostalgic for the genius that was Destinos. For those of you who did not take Spanish in the ’90s, we’re talking about the time some very smart people realized that the best way to learn any language is by watching a soap opera. So a professor from the University of Illinois hooked up with public television in 1992 and made a 52 episode educational telenovela that followed the saga of Fernando Castillo Saavedra, a dying old man who tells his family that before he moved to Mexico following the Spanish Civil War, he was married in Spain and had a wife and son, who didn’t actually die in the war as he’d previously thought. The story actually follows Mexican-American lawyer Raquel Rodriguez (Liliana Abud) as she traipses around the Spanish speaking world in search of this son while the story and the dialogue telling it becomes progressively more complex. Anyway, after talking about the show today, we found the entire series on YouTube. It’s worth checking out again, if only for the awesome early-’90s styles and really emphatic revelations made in each episode. LA CARTA.

Liliana Abud and Arturo Puig in Destinos

Raquel (Liliana Abud) and (Arturo) Arturo Puig in Destinos

[Photo: Annenberg Foundation]

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