Lindsay Lohan, Bicoastal Criminal: The Actress Charged With L.A. Car Crash The Same Day As NYC Brawl


Lindsay Lohan charged in LA car crash

Say what you will about Lindsay Lohan, she doesn’t do anything halfway. Even where arrests are concerned. The girl somehow managed to be charged with two different crimes on the same day an entire country apart! OK fine, her L.A. charges stemmed from a car accident that took place over five months ago. But still, it’s pretty impressive.

The troubled Liz & Dick actress was charged yesterday by a Santa Monica prosecutor for three misdemeanors relating to the June incident where she plowed her Porsche into the back of a dump truck. At the time she told authorities that her assistant was behind the wheel, but investigators now believe that she was driving herself to the movie set and that she lied to police. As a result, Lilo faces charges including reckless driving, lying to police and obstructing a police officer from performing duties. So essentially, Lindsay got slapped with the legal equivalent of “Liar liar, pants on fire.”

Bear in mind, this charge came mere hours after her smack-down outside of the NYC club Avenue, where she was arrested for suspicion of third-degree assault. New details about this incident are also coming to light. It’s now rumored that the brawl was sparked because she was turned down by Max George of the band The Wanted. She had apparently seen the boy band open for (who else?) Justin Bieber earlier that night and wanted to meet him in person. She got blocked from meeting him back stage (we guess the bouncer saw Liz & Dick) but they met up later that night at Avenue.

According to TMZ, Max was turned off by how sloppily drunk Lindsay was at the time, and began chatting to another woman, Tiffany Mitchell. This was the lady who was treated to a late night knuckle sandwich by Lohan a short time later. But that’s not all. Mitchell says that Lilo also called her a “f—ing gypsy.” That’s definitely not your standard trash talk! Tiffany Mitchell is a somewhat renowned New York psychic and offered Lilo a free reading. Lindsay no-so-politely declined, pushing past her saying “Give me my space,” and muttering something about “f—ing gypsy.” This set Tiffany off, and she started calling Lindsay a “whore,” and telling her that “Liz & Dick sucked.” That’s when the fists started flying.

So…like so many of life’s unpleasant moments, this all started because of boybands and Liz & Dick. Case closed.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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