The Walking Dead Parodies And Supercuts To Help You Through The Mid-Season Hiatus


Well, there’s one good thing about the fact that after tonight’s mid-season finale, The Walking Dead won’t be back until February: We won’t be looking like zombies ourselves on Monday mornings after nightmare-induced sleep deprivation. That doesn’t mean we won’t be missing Rick, Michonne and the gang. So here, to help you through these long winter months are our favorite parodies and supercuts.

1. The unintentionally (we think) hilarious KFC ad placement from last week’s episode (above). After witnessing the walkers feast on that crazy old shack man, we love the invitation to “come in today and taste why fresh is better.”

2. The Walkie Talkie Dead:

“Rick, take your finger off the button!” This post-season-one spoof still cracks us up. Was that puppet also on the other end of Rick’s prison phone conversation?

3. Every zombie kill from season 2:

That’s a whole lot of squelchy sound effects.

4. Zombies are back:

AMC got in on the parody game, spoofing its own show to promote the return of Mad Men.

5. The Walking Dead Mad Men:

The folks at Barely Political one-upped AMC with this one. Try not to get a tear in your eye as zombie Don Draper sells the client on brains.

6. Sophia!

Watching season 2’s search for Sophia condensed into two minutes ought to make you appreciate the pace of season 3 a whole lot more.

7. Where’s Carl?

How the hell has this kid survived so long?

8. The Walken Dead:

“They say it’s a virus, destroys every part of your brain except basic motor functions, and also the part that stores Christopher Walken quotes.”

We’re sure the walker-less months ahead will spawn even more great tributes to keep us occupied. Something with Michonne glaring, please.

The Walking Dead season 3 mid-season finale
[Photo: AMC]

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