Mike Tyson Can’t Tell This Robin Givens-Brad Pitt Story Enough Times


People really seem to like when Mike Tyson gets humble — and we think that’s why he’s trotted out this amazing story about a love triangle involving him, ex-wife Robin Givens and Brad Pitt on more than one occasion this year. He told the tale as part of his Spike Lee-directed one man show on Broadway over the summer, and while promoting it in April, he told it on Conan. Back then, the story went like this: Mike and Robin were in the midst of their divorce in 1989, but the boxer was still making frequent house calls to the actress’ house, “hitting it” just before they’d go to their lawyers’ offices to call each other every name in the book. Except one day, when Tyson rang the buzzer and no one was home. He was about to leave when Givens drove up to the house, with Brad Pitt. He told Conan that his first thought was, “Oh, man, I ain’t gonna get no p—y,” and instead of getting mad, “I went from a hard stallion to a wet noodle.”

He changed the story slightly over the weekend, when he spoke on In Depth With Graham Bensinger.

Now, instead of catching Brad and Robin in the driveway, he paints a picture of finding them in bed. “I guess Brad got there earlier than I did,” he told Bensinger. “I was mad as hell. You should have seen his face when he saw me.”

We have to admit, we don’t care which of these versions is true. We just want Mike to keep retelling this amazing story over and over. Which he will, now that he’s takingĀ Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth on a 10-city tour.

By the way, this is a pre-Thelma & Louise Brad Pitt we’re talking about. The actor had just made appearances on TV shows like Dallas, 21 Jump Street and Givens’ Head of the Class, so we wonder whether Tyson even knew who that kid in the car/bed with his wife even was at the time except a white boy with good bone structure.

Brad Pitt dating Robin Givens when she was not yet divorced from Mike Tyson

[Photo: Getty Images]

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