Taylor Swift, Harry Styles’ Zoo Date: How Cynically Should We Take This?


Harry Styles and Taylor Swift on a date at the Central Park Zoo

Aww, we all said. How perfect would it be if America’s Sweetheart Taylor Swift dated British One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles? They are of equal levels of attractiveness and fame; they combine into a great couple name, “Haylor”; and their age difference (he’s 18, she’s 22) perfectly coincides with her new preference for younger guys and his stated one for older women. They’ve already been spotted being cute together backstage at the X Factor weeks ago. But then let’s zoom out of this adorable photo of their Sunday date at the Central Park Zoo for a minute …

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift

Huh, looks like those are security guys chaperoning this date. Can’t blame ‘em, of course. You can see from this video how the fans were ready to swarm at all times. So that’s bound to put a bit of a damper on things. But look, they were still able to enjoy the animals like a normal couple on an early date (complete with Taylor Surprised Face (TM) and twee fox sweater):
Harry Styles and Taylor Swift

Except, how romantic was this setting, really…

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift

… when, in addition to the guards, they were accompanied by Harry’s stylist, Lou Teasdale, her fiance, Tom, and their baby, Lux, according to E! Online?

But when Taylor holds baby Lux in her lap in front of the sea lions, she could be envisioning all the perfect little babies she and Harry could have.

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles

On the other hand, that direct look Taylor’s giving the person behind the camera seems to appeal, again, to the cynic in us. Especially since we’ve been watching Nashville, where Hayden Panettiere’s Swiftian country star agrees to a date with a football star set up by their publicists to boost their reputations. BUT! The romantic in us interjects, even Nashville’s storyline seems to be leading to true love, so why couldn’t Haylor’s? Just because everything these two do is bound to look like a publicity stunt doesn’t mean it couldn’t evolve into something real.

Either way, we’re looking forward to seeing where this leads!

[Photos: Splash News Online]

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