Man Of Steel Poster Inspires All Kinds Of Wrong Thoughts About Superman


Henry Cavill as handcuffed Superman in the Man of Steel one-sheet

Sure, they walk around in skintight clothing and rescue kittens and girls from great heights and all that, but we were never really sure if it was OK to lust after superheroes. Well, Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel looks like it’s settling that debate for us. How else are we supposed to feel about seeing a jacked-up Henry Cavill in handcuffs? (Worried about his fate, and thus the fate of Earth, or something? Psshaw.) Nope, those tiny cuffs aren’t actually going to hold Superman. Much the way other kinds of cuffs, say the Fifty Shades of Grey kind, are actually not that hard to get out of for normal people.

Tell me, Warner Bros. Did you mean to put these thoughts in our heads when you posted this new one-sheet poster on Facebook last night? Too late if you didn’t. Now we’re fully expecting even more dirty thoughts when we see the trailer before The Hobbit — and that’s kind of frustrating when you’re about to enter the sexless realm of Middle-earth. Well, thanks anyway!

Man of Steel

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