New Girl Fashion Cap “Bathtub”: Of Summer Suits And Bowls Of Hair


We love that this week’s New Girl episode was basically a love letter to Schmidt’s beautiful suits, what with their slim lines and emaciated ties. It goes without saying that said suits are destroyed in a bathtub accident, but we’re sure Schmidt will be back in his former sartorial glory soon. He spent all that time on his Suit Folder, after all! This way he just has to replace every…single…item…

Schmidt: “They took my doctor’s appointment suit! They took El Capitan! Dammit! The only thing he left was my summer suit with the lightning bolt on the back. I keep it in my summer bin with my summer condoms. Citrus-flavored for a more refreshing summer experience.”


Schmidt (reading his suit folder): “Herringbone. How did you get in here?”

“I just have to look good,” Schmidt rages when two “methheads” somehow steal his suits. “Not like some Ukrainian dentist.” Hey, we don’t know what the dentists look like in the Ukraine. For all we know, they’re donning their own El Capitans to replace their patients’ fillings as we speak.

Jess: “He once told me he spent $300 on a pocket square. NOOOOOOO! Am I overreacting?”
Winston: “No, that’s about right.”


Jess: “Oh, you’re a briefs man. I was hoping I’d never find out.”

Um, forgetting Schmidt’s suits for a minute…can we talk about Lamorne Morris‘ mint green briefs? Humina. Zooey also looked excellent this episode, but really, she was but one light among a field of fashion stars. One star being mint green and TOTALLY SEE-THROUGH.

Nick: “You’re a whiskey girl like me.”
Angie: “You’re a whiskey girl?”

Olivia Munn‘s character had one sick leather jacket. Who can resist a stripper in leather? Beats Rhonda and her dumb ferret at least.

Schmidt: “I’d eat your hair out of a bowl. I put it in a bowl and I’d eat your hair.”
Nick: “You know what’s weird? I don’t find this weird anymore.”

Schmidt’s just saying what we’re all thinking! Hannah Simone‘s hair is truly good enough to eat. Oh no, we pictured it this time. Ew. Barf.

[Photo: Fox Flash]

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