What Happens At The End Of Game Of Thrones And HIMYM? Ask The Spoiling Tree


This one falls under the category of things we write about just because we love them. It’s kind of the answer to all those annoying people who complain about you spoiling the the ending to something that left the theaters or the airwaves months or even years ago. Guess what, folks? Soilent Green is made out of people! But we also get that spoilers are a forbidden fruit that’s hard to resist — if someone said they know how the Song of Ice and Fire (a.k.a. Game of Thrones) ends, I might have a hard time not finding out. Also, there are the shows and movies I will probably never get around to seeing but am still happy to know the ending of, for the sole purpose of pop-culture conversations and trivia night. So, yeah, I guess you’d say probably wouldn’t walk away from the Spoiling Tree and his sweet, sweet spoilers.

Game of Thrones

[Photo: HBO]

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