Rita Ora Speaks About Rob Kardashian Break-Up To Glamour U.K.


Rita Ora Speaks To Glamour U.K About Rob Kardashian

Oh, Rob Kardashian. Had you done what Rita Ora is doing right now. That is, have a sit-down with a fabulous magazine and have a calm chat about the break-up, rather than going on a Twitter rant and then deleting it. Rita’s sounding way more classy here, as she talks to Glamour U.K. about what went wrong between the two. “I’m not going out with Rob. We were close for a while, but it didn’t work because I was never there. I¬†was like a ghost. I used to get so frustrated with myself and then wonder why I was angry, so I decided it was best to keep it friendly — especially at the moment, when there’s so much going on,” she explains, as we totally feel her. Here that sound? That’s the sound of Rob slowly deflating as Rita comes up trumps. She takes it one step furthur, making us want to hug her, by adding, “In 22 years, there’s been nothing. I have had young fascinations but never love. I think it’s my only weakness. I’m scared of letting my guard down, and if I feel in love with someone now, he’d have to try ten times harder to break it down.” Hey, Rita. If it doesn’t work out in the entertainment world, P.R could use a new guru and we think that could be you!

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