Kristen Wiig Rumored For Anchorman 2, And 5 Other Reasons It Sounds Like A Worthy Sequel


Kristen Wiig Rumored To Join Anchorman 2

Dear God, please let Kristen’s character’s last name be Lamp! Please! If you don’t know what everyone is yelling about today, we are delighted to inform you that the geniuses behind Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues are allegedly extending Kristen Wiig an invitation to the pants party, supposedly as the love interest of Steve Carells Brick Tamland. We are in a glass case of emotion just thinking about it! Of course, today’s news is only the latest detail that has us thinking Anchorman‘s sequel will rival the original:

  1. The original cast stays intact! Call us crazy, but we were afraid they were going to try some kind of “son of Ron” or “passing the newsroom onto the next generation” bull. We’re glad we are so frequently wrong!
  2. There will be musical numbers! Director and screenwriter Adam McKay claimed that we’ll all be hearing the cast’s sexy, dulcet tones once again in a number of “song sequences,” including a larger musical number that will probably leave his actors “winded.” So…exciting…
  3. Frank Vitchard returns! Remember how Luke Wilson‘s rival newsman character has his arms severed from his body? Well, apparently that wasn’t enough to kill him because IMDB says he’s (allegedly!) back.
  4. The news itself will change! McKay told Empire Magazine that the plot will revolve around the beginning stages of the “24-hour news cycle” in the late ’70s. That’s a lot of hours to fill. Let’s hope more pandas give birth!
  5. There will be some kind of cast diversity! Seeing how Ron and the gang reacted to the hiring of Victoria Corningstone, we can only imagine how they’ll handle an ethnically diverse newsroom. “Any time you’re talking about diversity and the Action News team, that’s always fun to deal with,” McKay hinted.

[Photo: DreamWorks/Getty Images]

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