Weight Watchers “Furious” With Jessica Simpson? Today In Terrible Things People Say About Jessica


Jessica Simpson supposedly in trouble with Weight Watchers after getting pregnant again

So, we still weren’t really sure whether to believe that Jessica Simpson is pregnant again, as was reported last week, but this latest story from Us Weekly has us thinking that the mag wouldn’t go out on a limb about TWO JSimps pregnancy stories if they weren’t really sure about them. After all, eventually we’ll find out the truth, one way or the other. This week’s news, from the print version out on Friday, is that the folks at Weight Watchers are “furious” with Jessica for getting pregnant so soon, when she’s still under contract with them (for a supposed $4 million) to lose her baby weight.

We’re not exactly sure when Jess went from a faded singer/actress we didn’t care much about to a star we kind of want to get up and fight for, but this story makes us mad all over again. If she IS in fact pregnant again, the very fact that her people aren’t confirming the news says that she probably didn’t plan this and is feeling rather bad about the whole thing. She’s worked really hard to shed those 70 pounds. Women sometimes get pregnant so soon because their cycles are out of whack, which is unfortunate — not because of multi-million-dollar endorsement deals, but because doctors recommend waiting a year between babies for optimal health of mother and child. And for a company that’s purportedly all about making women feel good about themselves to say (even behind closed doors) they’re angry at her for this would really suck.

The Us source does have one good point though: “No one wants to hear about a pregnant woman dieting.” Nope. More mac ‘n cheese for everyone, please!

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