New Girls Promos Feature #ResolutionsGirlsBreak; We Have 5 Resolutions For Girls To Keep


In case you didn’t know that Girls is returning to HBO for it’s second season January 13, the show has a new round of promos with the tagline #resolutionsGirlsbreak. After peeping the character’s pledges for the new year (does anyone’s heart not get treated like monkey meat on this show?) and watching last week’s Girls trailer, we have 5 resolutions of our own that we want Lena Dunham’s show to come through on. Hey, it’s not like the show has to go to the gym or anything! What would a TV show gym even look like? Remind us to make a resolution to draw up some schematics:

  1. Address Hannah’s job situation. As of the end of last season, it was rill, rill unclear how Hannah was paying the bills. We would love if they ever addressed her health insurance situation too, but let’s not get crazy with demands here…
  2. Explain how in God’s name Chris O’Dowd ended up with Jessa. The second to last time we saw him, he was screaming at a terrified Jessa and Marnie in his American Psycho-style condo. The last time we saw him, he and Jessa were getting married. Wah? Huh? Guh? We need some gaps filled, Lena!
  3. Don’t make Ray a jerk. Our heart seized when we realized Shoshanna was going to lose her virginity to him. He seemed to have some charming qualities, so pleeeease don’t make him turn out like a scum bucket.
  4. More Shoshanna in general! We love that sweet neurotic weirdo, but felt that she didn’t get the screen time she deserve/we wanted toward the end of Season One.
  5. Bring back Bobby Moynihan! We so enjoyed watching him make out with Marnie in last season’s final. Give the people what they want!

[Photo: HBO]

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