Amanda Seyfried Reaches Jennifer Lawrence-Levels Of Honesty With Letterman Jokes, Voice Comments


Move over, Jennifer Lawrence! Not all the way over; we still want to hang out with you forever. We just wanted to make room for Amanda Seyfried, who we liked the second her breasts told us it was raining in Mean Girls and whom we love now that she has apparently lost her filter. “I understand that I have a problem maybe, but you know? It really gets me through,” the Les Miserables actress laughed last night on Letterman when discussing the fact she was “pretty drunk” on whiskey during her interview. Eeeeee, girl! We know 50% of actors and actresses could probably say the same thing, but we enjoy the fact you actually did.

It seems like Amanda has taken much of her recent Les Miz promotional tour as a chance to get super real during interviews. Take the comments she made about her vocal abilities, for example. “I think the fact that my voice does lack power and a sense of control, which I’m working on, really worked with Cosette,” Seyfried admitted to Celebuzz. “I don’t fancy myself a singer.” Doh! We can see why Seyfried would be self-deprecating about her skills, considering the fact co-star Eddie Redmayne told the New York Daily News this week: “I was doing a romantic duet with Amanda [Seyfried] and she was singing off-tune and slightly off-tempo, and I kept thinking, ‘This is an interesting take on the song. We got to the end [and] she admitted she didn’t have [her] earpiece on.” Laughed Seyfried, “They all thought I was having some kind of stroke. It was kind of funny when we cut. They would be like, ‘What’s wrong with you?’” Okay, but she still got cast in Les Miz. How crappy could her voice possibly be? We still love it in the trailers!

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