Anne Hathaway Talks “Devastating” Wardrobe Malfunction With Friend, Recovers On Fallon


Anne Hathaway was overheard telling Vanity Fair writer Ingrid Sischy all about her unfortunate wardrobe malfunction, another diner was, er, kind enough to relay this info to the New York Daily News. “I was getting out of the car and my dress was so tight that I didn’t realize it until I saw all the photographers’ flashes,” the Les Miz star said over lunch at the Four Seasons. “It was devastating. They saw everything. I might as well have lifted up my skirt for them.”

Anne Hathaway recalls her devastating wardrobe malfunction

We kind of wish she’d said as much on last night’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, but instead, she chose the much safer topics of hosting Thanksgiving as a newly married lady and singing Christmas carols around the piano. She painted quite the picture of normal domestic bliss to contrast with all the glamour surrounding being the star of a giant holiday/awards-season movie. One who just so happens to have earned some big supporting actress nominations in the past two days — the Critics’ Choice Awards announced yesterday and the Screen Actors Guild announced today.

We’re glad to see she wasn’t too embarrassed to perform Mad Libs Christmas Carols with Fallon. It’s almost as good as “I Dreamed a Dream,” isn’t it?

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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