10 Things We Are Desperately Hoping They Find In Lindsay Lohan’s Storage Unit


Lindsay Lohan's Storage Unit Seized

Despite that money Charlie Sheen lent her last month, Lindsay Lohan is apparently coming up $16,000 short on her storing unit, meaning her belongings are likely to be auctioned off. TMZ reports that Lilo might potentially lose “expensive designer clothes, family heirlooms and potentially embarrassing items” if the unit is seized for non-payment. If she’s got so many frocks and heirlooms in there, why not…sell…some?  Oh, because Lilo’s literally cannot open the unit until she pays for it. Got it. Today’s drama is only the latest money problem Lohan is facing; you might recall that the IRS has taken control of her accounts over unpaid taxes. On one hand…jeez girl. On the other hand, what an insane episode of Storage Wars this will make. We’re calling it now that they’re going to open that sucker up and find:

  1. So. Much. Weave.
  2. Gallons of brown contouring makeup.
  3. A galley copy of “How I Keep Going” by Glen Coco.
  4. Decommissioned leggings from Lilo’s clothing line 6126.
  5. A perfectly preserved Herbie.
  6. A copy of 2000’s Bette pilot, in which Lindsay Lohan plays Bette Midler‘s daughter and NO, WE ARE NOT JOKING ABOUT THIS.
  7. Boxes and boxes of the Lindsay Lohan My Scene Barbie made by Mattel back in 2005.
  8. Terry Richardson. Just him. Standing there. Giving a big thumbs up.
  9. A crate of Razzies for I Know Who Killed Me, also containing the robotic leg worn by her character.
  10. An incredibly old portrait of Lindsay that looks really, really, really good.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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