Can American Horror Story: Asylum Shock Us After “The Coat Hanger”? 10 Other Burning Questions


This week's Coat Hanger episode of American Horror Story: Asylum had its most shocking scene yet

American Horror Story: Asylum has portrayed it all — from murders to amputations, Ryan Murphy leaves nothing to the imagination. Still, we are used to many of these graphic scenes just from visiting our local movie theater during Halloween season. As gruesome as it is, we are accustomed to the blood spewing, the white-tiled basement filled with murderous tools, and the exorcisms. We love Murphy’s wink to the horror genre and his dramatic flair, but this week’s episode seemed more disturbing than the usual stabbing. Lana Winters finds out she’s pregnant with Dr. Thredson’s baby and is determined to have an abortion — hence the title of the episode “The Coat Hanger.” The titular scene was probably one of the most disturbing things I’ve seen on this show so far. Now that they’ve depicted such a thing, what else can really be portrayed? Have we overcome the shock factor? Where do we go from here? Here is my list of questions from this week’s episode and what’s next for the rest of the season. Let me know if you have any answers, readers. We’re looking at you too, Ryan!

1. Did Dr. Arden take Kit Walker’s tape of Thredson admitting his crimes? Can Kit trust him now that they have this new alliance?

2. Is Grace having Kit Walker’s baby? Do you think she’s even carrying a baby?

3. Is Grace still alive or just a figment of Dr. Arden’s imagination? Did the aliens bring her back to life? What should we make of her?

4. Where is Dr. Thredson? Where did Sister Mary take him?

5. Is Monsignor going to die? We thought the Angel of Death visited Grace, but that didn’t seem to work.

6. How will Sister Jude, or now Judy Martin, regain Lana Winters’ trust? Do you trust her? Will these two women form a power team to escape Briarcliff?

7. Who is Mr. Emerson’s next victim?

8. Will Dr. Arden be able to revive Kit Walker after their ‘experiment’?

9. What is Dr. Arden’s motive behind trying to discover the aliens and their intentions?

10. Where is Johnny Thresdon headed next? Who are his next victims? How will the producer’s tie in the present day with the ’60s days of Briarcliff?

[Photo: FX]

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