Does Anne Hathaway Have The Wrong Idea About Wardrobe Malfunctions?


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My first reaction when I saw Anne Hathaway’s response yesterday to Matt Lauer’s question about her wardrobe malfunction was a, “Damn straight!” That’s because, as a feminist, I immediately love sentences like, “I’m sorry that we live in a culture that commodifies sexuality of unwilling participants.” But then I thought about it a little more.

Disclaimer: I’m not just deciding to disagree with Anne because I am a paid participant of said commodifying.

I think what’s actually going on here is that she’s misunderstanding the motivation of the majority of people who want to see the photos of her flashing the paps. We’re not getting off on it. Rather, we’re enjoying the fact that someone who looks so perfect, has a glamorous wardrobe, a stellar career and a brand-new husband, is also, once in a while, a human who makes mistakes. We just need a little break from feeling like celebrities are an entirely different race of flawless beings.
Not that I’m saying this schadenfreude is an honorable quality. It’s just not the dishonorable one you’re assigning us.

Anne Hathaway says attention to her wardrobe malfunction makes her sad.

Today I’ve read that people think Lauer was in the wrong for asking Anne about this in the first place. Those photos were all anyone was talking about on Tuesday night; do you really expect him not to ask?

I’ll get off my own soap box now and instead put this question to you guys:

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