Liam Hemsworth Beats Up A Guy In A Street Brawl


Liam Hemsworth Involved In A Street Brawl, Beats Guy Up

The first thing that hit us (pun unintended) about this story is that you don’t mess with The Hunger Games‘ Gale. TMZ just posted this video that’s kind of shocking to us. It’s a shaky clip, but it’s of Liam Hemsworth beating up a guy on a street in Philadelphia early Sunday morning as the actor left a bar there. Sources on the scene told the site that Liam thought the guy who got smacked down — his name is Rob, as revealed in another video — had thrown a rock at him and his pal. When Liam confronted Rob, things got heavy. This is by no means an equal fight because the dude is getting totally slammed by Liam. We wish we could get a closer look, but whoever took the video is moving around too much. It ends when cop sirens start blaring. The second video also shows how drunk this guy Rob is, and he really doesn’t get that he got his butt handed to him by Liam. Since there are no updates from Liam’s people just yet, we’re going to wait for more details. Was Liam provoked? Or was this just a drunken brawl that shouldn’t have gone down?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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