Hugh Grant Was A “Pain In The Ass” On Daily Show, But Jon Stewart Hid It Well


While everyone tries desperately to get the thoughts of what went down this morning in Connecticut out of their heads, we’re here to help with a little amusing anecdote, courtesy of Jon Stewart and Hugh Grant. At an event in New Jersey last week, Stephen Colbert interviewed Stewart onstage and asked him who is least favorite Daily Show guest of all time was. The answer is the professionally charming Brit, who was last on the show in December 2009, to promote Did You Hear About the Morgans? According to the host, he was very vocal about the fact that he didn’t want to be there. “He’s giving everyone sh– the whole time, and he’s a big pain in the ass,” Stewart recalled, and when Grant complained about which clip from the movie they’d chosen to run, Stewart came back with the snappy: “Well, then make a better f—ing movie.” Needless to say, Grant will not be returning to the show. (Not that he’d want to after reading this, too!)

This is interesting on two counts: 1) It’s amusing that any actor would be openly abrasive like this to people who are in the business of making fun of public figures — if you’re unhappy, you should always let your agent/manager/publicist/assistant do the bitching for you, so your rep remains unscathed. 2) If you watch the video above you really can’t tell that these two guys were anything but the best of friends as they chatted about soccer, New Mexico and the difference between Brits and Americans. (Except for the part where Stewart admits to not having seen the movie because it’s the last show before their winter vacation and he was slacking.)

Secretly, we’re hoping that this turns out to be a misinterpreted bit of dry wit, and Stewart and Grant are actually the best of friends. Then the joke is on us!

Jon Stewart says Hugh Grant was his least-favorite guest on the Daily Show.

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