Rihanna Posts Handwritten Letter To Fans On Twitter: “We Are All Unapologetic”


Rihanna posts handwritten note to her fans on Twitter

Rihanna has revealed all on Twitter, and for once, we don’t mean that she got naked. The “Diamonds” singer took a page from the Beyonce playbook and posted a heartfelt handwritten letter to her 27 million social media followers last night. Can we get a handwriting expert in here to sweep for Chris Brown clues?

Cutting through her relationship drama, the message served as a thank you to all the people who helped make her latest album Unapologetic her very first number one. “We continue down this road together, strong, united, Uncensored and fearless,” the note begins. Thankfully her handwriting is way better than ours. “There’s no question that life will throw us curve balls, we do our best to deal with them, take the lesson and keep it moving without regret!” Is it weird that we even find her handwriting attractive? What does that say about us? Is that a thing?

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Rihanna pens notes to her fans

The really rather touching note reads almost like a holiday toast, listing the many things that Riri feels grateful for over the course of her meteoric career. But towards the closing, it takes on the tone of a rallying cry for her devoted Navy. “I look forward to embarking on this ride with you, unwilling to sacrifice what we believe in, taking our lessons and growing from them. Don’t let one thing shake your core. Let our inspirations drive us, never steering from who we truly are…We are all Unapologetic…” Damn, we feel like we just got through boot camp or something!

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