The Vampire Diaries‘ Big Bad: How Can We Possibly Still Crush On Klaus?


The Vampire Diaries Klaus returned to his evil ways

To be sure, there was never any time on The Vampire Diaries when Klaus (Joseph Morgan) wasn’t the bad guy. It’s just that he’s usually very good at making us forgive him for murdering his way toward world domination. And every time it looked like the rest of the Mystic Falls gang was finally going to kill him, we really, really hoped they wouldn’t succeed. Until last night. Let us track our feelings toward Klaus throughout “Oh Come, All Ye Faithful,” the mid-season finale.

1. We love artist Klaus, even if he’s really fooling himself if he thinks that snowflake painting is some kind of abstract post-modern statement. Also, he’s doing it for charity, right?

2. He flirts with Caroline with charming name-dropping: “Dickens was a dark man.”

3. And before Caroline, it appears that he had a soft spot for someone(s) else. Look at all those love letters:
Klaus love letters

4. You’ve got to admire that no one is about to pull a fast one on him. “You’ve been dodgy and Caroline has been lovely, which I’ve come to recognize as a tool of distraction,” he says to Stefan. (Does Stefan ever fool anyone?)

5. But just in case you think he’s a romantic, we learn that those are love letters from his victims, which he keeps as a “reminder that in the end, we’re left infinitely and utterly alone.” That’s twisted serial killer thought there.

6. And, yeah, here he is making sure that he’s infinitely and utterly alone, as he slaughters the 12 hybrids who were trying to escape him.

7. As if that mass murder scene (ew, hearts on the ground) weren’t enough to make us queasy about our enduring crush on Klaus, he goes and kills off one of the only remaining cool adults on the show, Mayor Lockwood. Damn, it’s dangerous to be a cool adult in Mystic Falls.

So here we are, feeling very icky about ever liking this guy. And now we remember how he murdered Aunt Jenna and turned Stefan into the Ripper and all that terrible stuff. Oof. You’re going to have to draw us a lot of ponies to make up for this, mister.

[Photos: CW]

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