Ben Affleck Rumored For Senate Run? But How Will This Affect Our Movie-Going Experience?


Ben Affleck Rumored For Senate Run

Jeez, it’s not that we don’t think politics aren’t important. We do. We were thrilled when Alec Baldwin talked about running for mayor of New York for a hot second. It’s just that we love movies, and Ben Affleck potentially running for John Kerry‘s Massachusetts Senate seat would put a real crimp in our movie-going enjoyment. “Believe it or not, one name I have heard tossed around is that of actor-director Ben Affleck, the pride of Cambridge, who’s been active in Democratic Party politics for more than a decade,” CBS Boston’s Jon Keller claims. But..but what about Affleck’s plans to star in Focus across from Kristen Stewart? Or his designs to remake The Stand? Are movie rumors no longer sacred?

Of course, the answer relies on the rumor that President Obama will be nominating Kerry to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State this week, thus leaving his seat vacant. Luckily Keller also name checks a variety of politicians who might run, as well as basically anyone over 30 who can get 10,000 signatures. After examining Ben’s IMDB page, though, we realize he has nothing planned on either the acting or directing docket after Focus and the crime drama Runner, Runner with Justin Timberlake. Considering how successful Argo was this year, we doubt Ben Affleck would run for office so soon. On the other hand…we hate being wrong, so let’s say he’s going to scoop up that Senate seat like yet another Golden Globe. Oh, he’s going to win a Golden Globe too. We have so many Ben Affleck-related predictions to put out into the world!

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