Megan Fox Brings Back Thumb Insecurity, Talks Vampire Baby On Leno


You know that thing where really, really beautiful people try to make themselves relatable by telling you all about their weird insecurities? Normally, we find it condescending and annoying, but Megan Fox somehow managed to make it endearing last night, when she stopped by the Tonight Show to talk about having baby Noah and appearing in the upcoming This Is 40.

Asked about the things she had to give up when she was pregnant, she mentioned missing tuna, which expectant mothers avoid due to high mercury content. “What is weird to me is I was talking to my mom … and she was like, ‘Oh, I ate tuna every day when I was pregnant with you,’ ” Fox told Jay Leno. “I was wondering if that was what happened to my thumbs. They’re weird and they’re really fat and there’s like a weird knuckle.”

The subject of Megan’s “toe thumbs” was a big meme back in 2009, but apparently it was new to Leno. Also new to him is basically anything about pregnancy. Fox compared her morning sickness to Bella Cullen’s: “I was convinced that I was maybe birthing a vampire baby like the one from Twilight.” And then she described her “baby brain,” which was so bad, husband Brian Austin Green eventually asked her to stop driving.

“I would be walking around the house yelling where’s my phone, but it would be in my hand,” she said.

Altogether, we’re rather impressed with how much Megan’s self-deprecation made us like her in this interview (as opposed to other times, when she just says she’s self-deprecating). Are you?

Megan Fox shows off her weird thumbs on the Tonight Show

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