Lindsay Lohan Refused To Kiss Charlie Sheen In A Scene Because Of … Cold Sores?


Lindsay Lohan Refuses To Kiss Charlie Sheen For Scary Movie 5

This qualifies as the best story we’ve heard all week. Actually, it may be the best story we’ve heard all month. Seriously awesome. So, TMZ is reporting that sources told them about hilarious goings-on on the set of Scary Movie 5. Our first reaction was — there’s a Scary Movie 5, now? And then this happened: apparently, Lindsay Lohan flat-out refused to kiss Charlie Sheen in a scene for the movie because … it’s Charlie Sheen’s mouth. As far as she’s concerned, it could be a hot-bed of germs because who knows where that mouth’s been, right? Ha. Lindsay Lohan saying that cracks us up. Because … let’s not even start on L.L’s shenanigans all year. The word is that they were supposed to kiss at least three times, but she said hell no and — this is the best part — both parties had to eventually sign releases stating they didn’t have cold sores. Brain just exploded!

Even with said release, Lindsay still wouldn’t go for it, and the team behind the movie even tried out a body double but it just didn’t work, so they had to nix the scenes completely. And how did Charlie take it? The sources say he didn’t react badly at all. Oh, come on, Lindz. Is that some way to treat someone who gave you money just so you could pay off your taxes?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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