We Still Have No Idea What’s Up With This Ukrainian Politician Who Insulted Mila Kunis


Ukrainian Politician Calls Mila Kunis Ethnic Slur

Just so we’re clear: the only reason anyone would call anyone an ethnic slur is because they are a drooling moron. Beyond that, however, there has to be some kind of reason as to why Ukrainian politician Igor Miroshnichenko would call Ukrainian-born Mila Kunis an anti-Semitic slur. On Facebook. Where other people can read it. According to TMZ, Miroshnichenko wrote that the Ted actress is not a real Ukrainian because she is a “zhydovka,” which is apparently a derogatory slur about a Jewish woman. So again…what? Why would Mila Kunis even come up as a target of hate speech? We go days, sometimes weeks, without thinking of Mila Kunis, and when we do, it almost never ends in a Facebook rant!

Even stranger still is the response of the Ukrainian government after Jewish organizations like the U.S.’s Simon Wiesenthal Center (naturally) took umbrage at the politician’s slur. Apparently the government claimed that there is no scandal because the term “appears in the Ukrainian dictionary as a term for a Jew that isn’t necessarily a slur.” Yeah…we’re pretty sure any word that finishes the thought “you are not a real Ukrainian because you are a ____” is officially an insult. Plus there are plenty of antique race-related words in the English dictionary we would never utter aloud, let alone post it to any social media platform. So we’re back to square one. Any Ukrainian readers want to offer any insight into this hot mess? After you’re done heaving an exhausted sigh?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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