We Went Ahead And Screencapped Ryan Gosling In The Place Beyond The Pines Trailer For You


This is not a drill. This is Ryan Gosling holding a baby and being adorable. We know it basically looks like a less violent Drive and maybe they had to dress down Bradley Cooper and Eva Mendes to achieve it, but are we wrong in thinking Ryan Gosling has never been hotter than he is in the new Place Beyond The Pines trailer? Obviously we were going to enjoy the baby, the romancing and the motorcycle, but who knew we were this into a bad bleach job and face tattoos? Just kidding, we knew all along. We realized you might know too, which is why we screencapped the gloriousness that is Ryan Gosling for your convenience:

We couldn’t get a good screencap of Ryan’s shirtlessness, and it seemed wrong not to do it justice. Also? The motorcycle death cage.

This is what Ryan Gosling will look like when we put him on the $20 bill for being the hottest person in the world.

Whoever made this trailer really knows their audience. Their audience being everyone with a heart or soul.

We think we find The Place Beyond The Pines Ryan Gosling so fine because he resembles that one guy who went to our high school. You know the one.

Aaaaand a little something for your Bradley Cooper fans. This is such a baby heavy movie!

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