Coal Or Candy Canes Tonight? Amanda Bynes, Justin Timberlake, More On Our Naughty And Nice Lists


Celebs who were naughty and nice this year

Celebrities — they’re just like us, right? By which we mean, our stars arrive as a mixed bag: We have our American sweethearts, the class clowns and, of course, the bad seeds. Even if it’s normal for a former Disney teenage star to flash her crotch in public these days, Santa does not approve. And yet other A-listers used their stardom in 2012 to rise above the fray, display their philanthropic ways, and prove there are menches in Hollywood. Their hard work does not go unnoticed, and we know those little elves (a.k.a., their agents) are stuffing some A-list gifts in their stockings. Because we all know that Justin Bieber really needs another hoodie. And maybe we need the Lindsay Lohans out there to make us appreciate the Matt Damons even more. Here we’ve broken down our list of our naughty n’ nice celebrities of 2012.


1. Chris Brown – I don’t even know where to begin with this one. Brown brawled with Drake in a club, rekindled a romance with the woman he abused and tattooed an image of a battered woman on his neck. Ah, Chris Brown. You never fail to prove you are the biggest douchebag there ever was. Not only will Santa be skipping your house this year, but I can assure you, Dancer, Prancer, and Rudolph will send you a stocking filled with their droppings.

2. Amanda Bynes – The former child star who rose to fame with All That and The Amanda Show┬áis now giving audiences a different kind of Amanda show — one filled with hit and runs and DUIs. Santa may not think you’re all that this year, but hopefully you can take that as a sign to get it together for 2013. Put down the booze, get some help, and nab a supporting role in an indie comedy to reboot your career. Or, if you’re really retiring from acting, take a break from making headlines too. We’re rooting for you, Amanda.

3. Nicki Minaj – Nicki needs to learn to respect her elders … and the divas around town. She and Mariah Carey have been at it since auditions of American Idol this year, and we’re placing blame on the rap star who allegedly threatened to “shoot” Mariah in an argument. There’s no need for that kind of drama in the search for America’s next pop star, is there? Coal for you, Ms. Minaj.

4. Rupert Sanders – For all of the fire Kristen Stewart has been under after her affair with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, where has Rupert Sanders been? He’s the one who’s actually married with a family, and he still escaped relatively unscathed after he was caught cheating. Kristen definitely should have made some smarter choices, but she’s already received enough punishment by being publicly ostracized. You’ve served you’re sentence, Kristen. Now here’s some coal for your older lover.

5. Olivier Martinez & Gabriel Aubrey – Oh, so you’re getting in a fist fight for the children? Over Thanksgiving, the men in Halle Berry‘s life began throwing punches over a custody battle over little Nahla Aubry. Really, guys? Y’all are probably less mature than the kids in Nahla’s preschool. Christmas time means time-out for both of you.


1. Lady Gaga – Don’t worry, Little Monsters. Gaga’s done good this year as usual. After the horrible damage Hurricane Sandy inflicted, the singer pledged $1 million to the Red Cross to relieve the devastated areas. Looks like someone’s going to get a brand new meat dress under the tree this year!

2. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel – It’s one thing to donate money, and it’s another thing to donate your time. Bruce Springsteen and other musicians who organized the 12-12-12 concert for Sandy victims deserve props for all of their efforts. But we love seeing celebs on the ground volunteering. Photos emerged of newlyweds Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel carrying boxes filled with supplies to help Hurricane Sandy victims in Far Rockaway, New York. We are so in sync with that.

3. Scarlett Johansson and Kerry Washington – Never mind your politics, it’s always admirable when celebrities speak about causes that are near and dear to them. We love that Scarlett Johansson and Kerry Washington volunteered for Obama’s campaign and even spoke at the Democratic National Convention. Way to go for standing up for what’s important to you! We can only hope they can attend the White House Christmas dinner.

4. Christian Bale – After the tragic Aurora shootings, the actor visited victims in a Colorado hospital. The best part? He asked that the media not be notified and arrived via ambulance to the hospital to avoid attention. The Dark Knight star has been known as a bad-boy celebrity, but this summer he showed us he can be a real life superhero.

5. Ben Affleck – The A-list actor and director is receiving accolades for his work both on and off the screen lately. His film Argo may be receiving Oscar buzz, but Affleck seems busier attending congressional sessions discussing the issues facing the eastern Congo with his organization, the Eastern Congo Initiative. Does this guy ever sleep? Even if Argo doesn’t win a Golden Globe, we’re giving him an honorary one for making the world a better place.

[Photos: Splash News Online, Getty Images]

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