Miley Cyrus Has An Interesting New Driving Companion: A Blow-Up Doll


Miley Cyrus Tweets Picture With Pin-Up Doll

“Does this count for the carpool lane? Such a nice Xmas gift,” said an innocuous tweet by Miley Cyrus. We clicked on the picture feeling all festive and merry, and found the snapshot you see above. Of the singer with — yes, you guessed correctly — a blow-up doll.  We actually think Miley and her gang would be a blast to hang out with, considering this is the sort of present-giving that is acceptable. This is the same crew that brought you Liam Hemsworth‘s birthday penis cake, remember? Here are a couple of things to love about this picture.

1. The blow-up doll has some ‘tude! The saucy wink and thumbs-up reveal this quite clearly.

2. Miley‘s red lipstick. Where can we find that shade? GIMME.

3. The blow-up doll’s pink lipstick matches the shade of her … nether regions? Perplexing and curious.

4. Is it wrong that we actually like said shade of pink lipstick?

5. The blow-up doll has her seat-belt on. Safety first, kids. This could be a metaphor for safe sex, but that’s just us. 

[Photo via Twitter]

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