Of Course Taylor Swift Was Named Most Charitable Celeb Of 2012! Here Are Her Top 5 Kindest Acts


Taylor Swift Named More Charitable Celeb Of 2012

If you’re surprised by the fact Taylor Swift was named #1 on DoSomething.org‘s top 20 Celebs Gone Good 2012, then clearly you have only been reading our Harry Styles-related TSwift posts. She didn’t get an award from both Michelle Obama and the Kennedys this year for nothing! In between dating every hot guy in the United States and Britain and gasping in comical shock at her own success, Taylor has managed to squeeze in quite a number of impressive charitable acts this year, the sweetest of which have helped…

5) The Nashville Public Library

After donating 6,000 books to the Reading Public Library in Pennsylvania in 2011, Taylor kept it going by gifting 14,000 books to the Nashville Public Library this year.

4) National Education Association’s Read Across America

Taylor co-chaired the National Education Association’s Read Across America campaign, hyping the coolness that is reading in a PSA and an in-classroom Scholastic broadcast this past September.

3) The Country Hall Of Fame Museum

Swifty pledged $4 million to the Nashville museum to build an education center aimed at teenagers and senior citizens.

2) The Horace Mann School for the Deaf

After a legion of rude mutants hijacked Vh1’s Save The Music contest and voted for Boston’s Horace Mann School for the Deaf to receive an on-campus TSwift concert (you know, because it’s funny to make fun of deaf kids?), the school had to be removed from the running. So Taylor Swift gave all of the school’s K-12 students a ticket to her next Boston-area concert, gave the school $50,000 and played a concert for California’s Harvey Mudd College anyway. Taylor Sift: nailing it on a daily basis.

1) “Ronan”

If there was ever an act of charity designed to make your mother cry, it is the story behind TSwift’s “Ronan.” After reading Maya Thompson‘s blog about her three-year-old son Ronan‘s battle with cancer (he pasted away in 2011), Taylor Swift not only wrote a devastatingly beautiful song using details from Maya’s posts, she also gave Maya a writing credit and donated the song’s royalties to cancer charities. Thompson’s share of the royalties go to running the Ronan Thompson Foundation, and if you are not openly weeping after reading this post, you are objectively made of stone.

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