Warm Bodies‘ First 4 Minutes Has Us Crushing On Zombie Nicholas Hoult


When someone says the words “zombie love story” to you, you either cringe or laugh, or maybe both. It’s not really a concept you want to wrap your head around, especially if you allow yourself to think about the smell. Even in the middle of reading Isaac Marion’s Warm Bodies, I found myself struggling with the utter hopelessness and grossness of R’s situation, as a zombie falling in love with the very alive girlfriend of a boy he’s eaten. But now that Fandango has premiered the first four minutes of the movie version, which is in theaters on February 1, I can see how the film is going to get over that hurdle right off the bat: 1) By making zombie Nicholas Hoult way cuter than he deserves to be, and 2) by playing up the humor.

The clip like the trailers we’ve seen before, plays up the juxtaposition of R’s reflective internal monologue with his external moaning and shuffling. But rather than make us feel all emo and sorry for his plight as a dead guy, he gives an ironic shrug with lines like, “Why can’t I connect with people? Oh, right, it’s because I’m dead,” and, as he boards a moving sidewalk, “I don’t want to be this way; I’m lonely; I’m lost. I mean, I’m literally lost. I’ve never been in this part of the airport before.” Then the humor factor goes up with the introduction of Rob Corddry and their highly intellectual conversation: “Hungry.” “City.”

But what gets us even more is how actually attractive R seems throughout the course of the clip. That sickly makeup makes his eyes stand out, and it all somehow suits his bone structure. Ew, vampires were one thing, but are we crushing on zombies now? Yes. Yes, we are.

The first four minutes of Warm Bodies has us crushing on zombie Nicholas Hoult

[Photo: Summit Entertainment]

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