10 Important Life Lessons We Hope Kimye Passes On To Babye (Kimby? Kanbabe?)


Jessica Simpson, we’re going to let you finish gestating, but Kanye West and Kim Kardashian‘s baby is going to be the greatest baby of all time! Haha, yeah. Get used to hearing those kinds of jokes for the next nine months! Everyone and Bruce Jenner have been freaking out over Kanye and Kim’s pregnancy, and it got us thinking: what kind of parental unit will Kimye be? Yeezy and Kim both have a wealth of hard-earned knowledge we hope to pass down to their baby. Especially since you know that baby is going to be in front of a camera so fast…

1) First of all, Babye, there are few things more important than letting other people finish.

2) It’s more than okay for guys to wear skirts.

3) Surround yourself with family. At all times. Always. Perpetually. Eternally.

4) There’s always room for improvement. If there’s not, make room by donating your entire wardrobe to charity before getting a new one.


5) It’s important to look back at your accomplishments sometimes, specifically every Thursday on Twitter.

6) You’ve got to follow your heart, even if it leads you to court.

7) Get all your leaked sex tapes and nude photo shoots out of the way early!

8) Just accept that you and your siblings will wear matching outfits for the rest of your lives.

9) Don’t be afraid to express yourself through art, just like your dad did in his classic song “Perfect Bitch.”

10) When it doubt, ask your aunt Khloe. She’ll give it to you straight.


[Photo: Getty Images/W Magazine/Splash News Online/Twitter]

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